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The answers to all your questions about The Sporting Globe's loyalty system.

  • What is the TSG Loyalty Program and the benefits?
    • The TSG Loyalty Program rewards our customers that frequently visit The Sporting Globe by allowing them to accrue points that can later be used to as credit towards bills. There are many benefits for you when you sign up to the TSG Loyalty Program, including:
      1. For every $1 you spend at a TSG you will receive 1 point. For every 25 points you accrue you will have $1 to then spend at any TSG location.
      2. Birthday Gift. When a member spends with us in the month of their Birthday, they will receive $30 worth of points credited to their account to be spent however they wish.
      3. Special member offers and updates. We will regularly send communications with member only offers as well as updates to what is showing and coming up at The Sporting Globe.

  • How do I become a TSG Loyalty Member?
    • There are two ways to sign up to the TSG Loyalty Program.

      1. The easiest way to become instant TSG Loyalty Member is to sign up when you visit one of our venues. You can signup at the venue by filling out the paper form and returning to your server or by completing the digital form via the iPad.
      2. You may also signup to the TSG Loyalty Program online by clicking “GET THE BALL ROLLING” and filling out your details on the online form. You will be able to pick up your TSG Member Card and start accruing points when you visit a TSG location. Simply tell a server you wish to to pick up your card, provide your contact details you signed up with and they will present you with a new card.

  • How do I use my TSG Member Card?
    • To use your member card, simply present your card to your server before any meals and drinks have been ordered. If a card in presented after the ordering has been completed we cannot guarantee your points will be accrued.

  • What if I have lost my card?
    • We are able to do a card replacement at any TSG location. If multiple card replacements need to be performed on the one account a small fee will be asked before proceeding.

  • Can I use my TSG Member Card at all TSG locations?
    • Yes. Every TSG location allows you to accrue and redeem points on every transaction.

  • How do I redeem points on my TSG Member Card?
    • To redeem points you have accrued through the TSG Loyalty Program, simply ask your server when paying for any transaction. They will inform you if all or some of your bill can be paid for with your points.

  • How long after signing up to the TSG Loyalty Program can I start to redeem points?
    • A member must be signed up for at least 15 days before they can start to redeem points.

  • How do I check my TSG point balance?
    • To check your points balance please login to your account at and visit the “YOUR POINTS” tab to see your points and their value. You may also ask your server when visiting any TSG location and they will be able to provide you with a points update.

  • Do my points expire?
    • The points you accrue are valid for 12 months from the date they are earned. After this date unused points may be cancelled at the discretion of The Sporting Globe.

  • What if my details have changed, how do I update them?
    • You may update your details at any time via the online TSG Loyalty Program portal at Please login and then head to the “YOUR DETAILS” tab to make any changes. Once complete click on the “Update your details” button and any changes will be made immediately.

  • How does selecting my local sports club benefit them?
    • By selecting a local sports club when you sign up, you can provide some great benefits to that club. The club will receive a % of every transaction you have at a TSG location on top of your individual rewards. For more information on the Club Loyalty Programs we offer and how to take full advantage of this head to

  • I am not receiving TSG’s regular emails and special offers, what should I do?
    • Please ensure that you have checked your junk mail folder, you will need to mark these as ‘safe’ to make sure they aren’t deemed as spam. Also please log in to your account and make sure you details are filled out correctly. If you still have concerns please email and we will assist further.

  • How do I know my details will be kept safe?
    • The Sporting Globe uses a secure website and service to store your personal data. We also will not disclose any personal contact information for use by a third party, in compliance with the National Privacy Act and relevant Anti Spam Act. If you feel someone has accessed your information other than yourself please contact with further details.

  • What if I forgot my password?
    • If you forget your password to the club login area of our website, then please click on the “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD” button underneath the login fields. You can then enter your card number and the password will be sent to the email address you signed up with. If you are still having difficulties, please email with your name and card number.

  • How do I receive my birthday credit?
    • At The Sporting Globe you receive 750 points or $30 credit in your Birthday month when you transact in that month. The transaction can be anything from a glass of coke to a main meal. Please note that to receive your birthday credit you must have been a TSG Club Loyalty Member for at least 15 days prior to your birthday month. If you have not received your credit and feel you should have, please contact us at and we will get back to you.

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